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Certified Mineral Manager (CMM)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CMM Program?

    The CMM (Certified Mineral Manager) Program is an educational self study course exclusively through NARO designed to increase your knowledge of minerals management. To complete the Program, you must accumulate a certain amount of education credits and pass the three exams affiliated with your selected level of the Program. The CMM Program has two levels:

    Associate - Candidates are individuals wanting to increase their knowledge on how to better manage personal or family interests.
    Professional - Candidates are individuals using the certification in a business enterprise. Trust officers, landmen and attorneys can benefit from this level.

  • What is required to complete my chosen level of the Program?

    You must be a NARO member in good standing as well as complete a Program Registration Form in order to participate in the Program. There are 3 Exams affiliated with each level of the Program. You must obtain a passing grade for all three exams in order to complete the Program. You must also submit a number of education credits required of your chosen level of the Program. Half of all credits must come from NARO related events.

    Associate - 20 education credit hours.
    Professional - 50 education credit hours.

  • How do I accumulate education credit hours?

    Most oil and gas related classes/events count towards some credit for the CMM Course. You may submit credits retroactively up to one year prior at your CMM enrollment. You may also use past oil and gas professional experience towards credit hours. Half of all education credits required to complete your certification MUST be NARO related events: Events. You'll find the Affidavit of Attendance for submitting education credit hours located below.

  • How and where do I take CMM Exams?

    Exams I & II are held at all of our state chapter meetings throughout the year, as well as at our National Convention in the fall. To sit for a CMM Exam requires PRIOR registration with the NARO National office. You are not required to pay for all exams up front (i.e. today); however, you are required to register for the exams (and pay for them) prior to actually sitting for an exam. In order to sit for the final exam (Exam III), you are required to pre-register (and pay) for the exam AND submit all of the required credit hours affiliated with your level of the Program (Professional or Associate).

  • Can I sit for multiple exams at once?

    You may elect to take multiple exams at one time. However, at most state chapter meetings, they have a single exam time. The time allotted for the exams is one hour. If you elect to take multiple exams at a single sitting, there will still be only one hour allotted. The National Convention does offer TWO exam times:

    Date/Time: September 7th 10am-11:30am

    Date/Time: September 8th 7:30-9am

    Location: 2017 NARO National Convention - Dallas, TX (registration for this event has not yet opened)

    Please note that these exam times ARE subject to change. The schedule for the NARO National Convention (including CMM Exam time and date) can be found in the July issue of the ROAR newsletter OR on our website
    Events page.

  • What is the CMM Review Course?

    The Review Course is an exam preparation course. It is offered multiple times during the year. 
    The Course is elective to the program, although most participants choose to attend at some point. This Course is 8 hours, generally from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can register to participate in the Course using the NARO CMM
    Program Registration Form

    Register for the CMM Review Course Here:

    2017 CMM Review Course

    The Review Course will be offered at the following locations and dates:

    NARO PA Convention March 29th, 2017 - State College, PA
    NARO OK Convention April 19th, 2017 - Norman, OK
    NARO TX Convention July 9th 1pm-5pm & 10th Noon-5pm, 2017 - Austin, TX
    NARO National Convention September 6th, 2017 - Dallas, TX


CMM Policies and Procedures.pdf

CMM Program Registration Form.pdf

CMM Affidavit of Attendance.pdf