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NARO's event schedule is included below.

Upcoming events

    • 12/04/2017
    • (EST)
    • 12/20/2017
    • (EST)
    • 9 sessions
    • Capitol Main Rotunda, Harrisburg PA

    I am asking each NARO PA member to come to the capitol for at least one session day in December, I have asked you for months to be ready and the time has come to take action!  -- Jackie Root, NARO PA President

    Join us in the Capitol rotunda, on the House Side, during the December 2017 legislative session.  NARO PA volunteers will be there to man an informational table, and talk to people who pass by about NARO PA, and mineral owner issues. 

    Your Board Members will be there!  We'd love to have every NARO PA member commit to join us even just one day!  New faces at the tables are very important. 

    We need YOU to share your mineral owner story and what a guaranteed minimum royalty and strong deductions language would mean to your family.  

    Once you have signed up you will be emailed additional information about where to park, where to meet other NARO members coming that day, etc.

    For questions about this project, call Cynthia Simonds 918-794-1660

    Why are we doing this?  The Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Bill still exists as House Bill 557 but as you may recall GMRA language was also amended into House Bill 1401 which began as a severance tax bill. HB 1401 was voted out of the Appropriations committee on October 18th (First Consideration) and on November 20 called to the floor for second consideration. 392 amendments have been filed, debate began late on the 20th continuing through 10:45 PM. Both parties caucused the bill early on the 21st and then debate continued until 5:00 PM when the House adjourned. 26 amendments were brought up, 10 were withdrawn, 7 failed, 8 passed and the final amendment debate was left incomplete. Several amendments passed would ease regulations on the oil and gas industry suggesting a predicted movement toward a bill that would impose a severance tax, define the point of valuation for the GMRA and give industry regulatory relief.

                    The House will reconvene Monday, December 4th at 1:00 PM where debate on HB 1401 is expected to continue. NARO PA will staff a table in the Rotunda all 9 session days in December, one or more board members will be present, all YOU need to do it show up. Once you sign up Versant Strategies will arrange visits with your legislators depending on availability. 

                    No one can predict the outcome for House Bill 1401 but clearly the robust debate indicates a willingness of all parties to negotiate and we are in the game. Make no mistake, House Bill 557 is still in play and we continue to strategize for that option. 

    • 03/21/2018
    • 10/17/2018
    • 4 sessions
    • Multiple Locations

    2018 CMM Review Course

    The Review Course is an 8 hour educational course and the fee to attend is $150It is offered multiple times during the year to individuals participating in the CMM Program as an exam preparation. This course is also available for audit to those not currently enrolled in the CMM Program. HOWEVER, those that intend to audit this Course must still pre-register and pay the $150 fee to attend. Auditing this Course will not enroll you in Exams or any other aspect of the Program. Additionally, it does not include registration for any NARO Convention, or vice versa.

    The Review Course is elective to the program, although most participants choose to attend at some point.


    • *Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 - Hosted at 2018 NARO Pennsylvania Convention *this event is subject to minimum enrollment requirements.
    • Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 - Hosted at 2018 NARO Oklahoma Convention
    • Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 - Hosted at 2018 NARO Texas Convention
    • Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 - Hosted at 2018 NARO National Convention