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  • 02/05/2012 2:03 PM
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    Have an interesting story or video you want us to link to?  Let me know the link and I will try to post it on the Arkansas News Page.  
    We will be publishing a newsletter that you can download from the Arkansas New section of our Chapter webpage. 
    Ideas and issues - let us know
    We will be trying to set up some 2 to 3 hour workshops for mineral owners on reading their check stubs.  If you have a particular issue you'd like addressed let us know and we will try to find you an answer.. 

  • 02/18/2012 10:54 AM
    Reply # 828805 on 816563
    The Severance issue is the big issue facing us this year.  We hope to form alliances against the measure as it stands.

    Royalty owners are unwitting partners with the gas companies in that we already see most mineral owners paying post-production expenses up to 30% of their check.

    But we also pay  the severance tax

    we pay ad valorem taxes 

    We pay income taxes and the current administration even wants to take away the depletion allowance which is the only deduction we get.

    Further, if capital gains are doubled (it is supposedly only against "the rich"....but every farmer that has sold their farm has likely paid "capital gains" for selling any legacy land) then many people may be in the position of selling their property for less than the tax liability and loans against it. That would include land, buildings, and minerals.

    I have seen a number of poultry farms that were sold with the sellers thinking selling out would free them of debt only to have their CPA tell them that they owe capital gains on the depreciation of their poultry barns.  I saw one bill and it was $48,000 due the IRS.  My uncle paid over $30,000 when he sold his small farm . 77 acres in the country literally was traded for a smaller house in town.
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