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California Governor Newsom Increases Dependency on Foreign Oil

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 1137 which bans new well drilling and maintenance work within 3,200 feet of “sensitive receptors”, such as residences, schools, health care facilities and “any business open to the public”, and imposes extreme new mitigation measures on existing wells and equipment. 

SB 1137 is a massive illegal taking of California assets and a major step in the Governor’s goal to end all oil and gas production, increasing our reliance on foreign imports. Foreign oil producers do not follow our stringent environmental laws, resulting in increased levels of global emissions.

This bill will quickly drive energy costs up, drive thousands of small businesses across California to close or leave the state, and harm all citizens of the state.

We Need Your Help!

This is not “big oil” but your neighbors, friends and families in California who support a strong and self-reliant California. All of us at NARO-California ask you join us to protect our homegrown businesses, retirees and home owners.

We are working with the Stop the Energy Shutdown organization, led by the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA), who is running a campaign to overturn SB 1137. The group is gathering signatures on the petition to put a referendum on the ballot, so voters can make the call on this serious issue. As you know, efforts like this cost millions of dollars to get signatures for the petition. Stop the Energy Shutdown is accepting donations and we encourage you to help. 

We respectfully ask that you join us at NARO-California, in cooperation with our state’s fine independent producers, and CIPA, in defense of our rights, and potentially your own. The efforts of Gavin Newsom and all of those like him need to be halted, here and now. Please join us in our efforts to achieve that goal. All donations, small or large, are welcome and encouraged. You do not have to be a California citizen to donate to the campaign.

For further information and how to donate, please visit NARO California SB 1137 page by clicking here:

More information about California State Bill 1137 and the Stop the Energy Shutdown organization will be available soon.

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